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[council] GNSO Related Schedule and Map

Dear All,

There is a map attached to the schedule as the conference room lay-out may be a 
little challenging at the beginning.
The GNSO working room, Al Hambra, is on level -2 and not shown on the attached 
map. You can go down by elevator or by the large staircase in the Lobby and Al 
Hambra is on the left.

See you there tomorrow morning at 9:00.


Glen de Saint Géry
GNSO Secretariat

Attachment: InterContinentalMap_sm.pdf
Description: InterContinentalMap_sm.pdf

Attachment: CAIROREVISEDCairo_Egypt_DRAFT_Agenda-3 (3) (2).xls
Description: CAIROREVISEDCairo_Egypt_DRAFT_Agenda-3 (3) (2).xls